The CABA Board has agreed to a new Committee on Professionalism. The Committee is intended to be both a resource to its members-encouraging and advising them on the importance of professionalism and civility-and an outreach to the community, emphasizing CABA’s commitment promoting professionalism.

In serving its mission to be both a symbolic reminder and a functional resource and training center to foster the highest standards of our profession, over the next year the Committee will focus on the following:

          1. A forum to discuss issues and address important ethical or professional issues affecting broad areas of practice.
          1. Training opportunities regarding new and existing professional rules through:
                    1. CLE seminars- including all-day, luncheon and web based seminars.
                    1. An ethics or professionalism column in CABA Briefs magazine with current ethics opinions and changes to its rules.

If interested in joining our Committee, please contact

Jennifer Perez

Amanda Fernandez